I'm a South African cosplayer that loves to cosplay crazy characters. I've been cosplaying since April 2012. See my "Pages" page for links to all the other places I post cosplay updates! Feel free to ask me anything, including for advice~
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Pics from a photoshoot I did for Erza back in March :3 this costume wasn’t completed when I got the photos taken D; but I still think they turned out quite well~
Erza Scarlet (Robe of Yuen) made and cosplayed by me
Copyright © 2014 Francois Swanepoel Photography
My Erza (Robe of Yuen) cosplay! :3 This was definitely my most challenging cosplay to make >__< and I started it the weekend before the con. I was such an idiot. But it turned out pretty well so I’m satisfied with it! :D
Erza (Robe of Yuen) made and cosplayed by me
Photography by that guy with glasses
Anonymous said: I think you're amazing, so cool and pretty, your cosplay skills are to die for, and I wish we could be friends! I met you at UCON, but was too shy to say more than a few words to you. Since then, I've followed you on fb and am constantly amazed and inspired by the things you do! Maybe I'll come say hi properly to you next time I see you at a con or picnic. I'm still too new at cosplay to call myself a cosplayer, so I'm scared to go up and speak to cosplayers, especially pretty ones. *blushes*


Oh my gosh, thank you so much, dear! <33 This totally just made my entire week! I’m sorry if I seemed unapproachable at all at UCON, I was stressing like mad and I was super tired cause I’d left my costume super late xD

Please do come say hi! Trust me, I understand being shy, it was hard for me to get to know everyone in the beginning, too, but there are such lovely people in the cosplay community, we’d love to get to know you I’m sure!

Thank you again! xxx

((Also if this was meant to be asked/posted on my cosplay blog, apologies - I’m new to running sideblogs >__<))

I think I posted this on the wrong blog, so I’ll reblog it here. Such a lovely anon <3

Misaki Yata made and cosplayed by me
Photography by Michelle George

Hey guys! Soo I decided to make a tumblr for my cosplays :D

I’ve been cosplaying for just over two years now ^_^

I’ll get to posting things soon~~